4 Signs You Are Working With a Knowledgeable Real Estate Agent in Effingham County and Savannah

A home is likely the largest financial transaction of your life. It is also probably one of the most stressful. A home is an important part of your life and the process can be quite complicated. You need someone to handle all the complicated aspects of the process including finding you a home, negotiating on your behalf and helping you get the best deal. If you’re buying or selling a home, you don’t want just any old run-of-the-mill real estate agent. You need to find a good, knowledgeable agent to help you through the process.

But for those with little to no experience in real estate transactions, it’s difficult to know for certain (especially early on) whether a particular agent is indeed knowledgeable. There are, however, a few signs to look for that will let you know an agent knows her stuff. So check out these 4 signs you are working with a knowledgeable real estate agent in Effingham County and Savannah.

1. Displays Availability and Responsiveness

Right near the top of the complaints both buyers have about their real estate agent is that the agent isn’t responsive. A knowledgeable agent, however, will be both available and responsive.

A knowledgeable agent knows that her livelihood depends on keeping clients satisfied and looking out for their best interests. “Real estate transactions are rife with uncertainty, especially if you’re new to buying and selling, and an agent who doesn’t guide you through it or return your calls (or both) only makes it that much more stressful.”

According to industry pros, experienced, knowledgeable agents “never let a client go unanswered for more than a day, and in some cases, they try to stick to a half-day delay, tops. And when they answer, they make sure the client understands, taking the time to fully explain the issue or address client concerns. Nobody likes feeling brushed off, so if you have an agent who not only returns your messages but also makes you feel like you’re being heard and understood, consider yourself lucky.”

Communication between agent and client is absolutely critical, and a knowledgeable real estate agent knows this. For more on this or to find an available responsive Effingham County and Savannah agent, just call (912) 695-6932.

2. Is Honest and a Straight Shooter

Another and slightly related sign that you’re working with a knowledgeable real estate agent in Effingham County and Savannah is when the agent is brutally honest. It may be unpleasant at times, but you do in fact want an agent who is a straight shooter, and here’s why . . . 

“The process of selling a house, [for example]. includes some tough decisions, including decisions about pricing and potential renovations or repairs. That may mean the agent needs to tell you things you don’t especially want to hear, but it’s ultimately good that they do so. For example, home sellers often have unrealistic expectations about the value of their home, due to sentimental factors or because they’re going off of the wrong indicators. It’s critical that your real estate agent manages these expectations and is upfront with you about a realistic price.”

3. Has Plenty of Experience

Plenty of time in the trenches is also a pretty reliable indicator that a real estate agent is knowledgeable. That’s not to say that a new agent couldn’t do a good job for you, but lots of hands-on experience will give you more peace of mind.

“While everyone has to start somewhere, it pays to have an experienced real estate agent on your side, one who has negotiated a few sales and has real-world experience with the ins and outs of the entire process. Experienced agents have seen a variety of situations and can help guide you through some of the more complicated things that might come up, especially situations related to financing or inspections.”

One way to get a fairly good idea of the experience (and knowledge) of an agent is by asking how many times that agent has renewed her license. “While someone can say ‘I’ve been an agent for 30 years,’ it could very well be the case that they started a long time ago, took a break, then got back into it at a later date. By asking how many times they’ve renewed their license, you’ll learn quite a bit about their actual experience . . . The general idea here is that agents who renew their license regularly don’t have gaps in their experience, which means that they’ve consistently closed deals.”

4. Has Demonstrable Familiarity With Your Area

Similarly, you not only want an experienced real estate agent, but one who also has plenty of experience working in and familiarity with the area or neighborhood where you’re buying, selling.

“It really pays,” experts say. “to have a real estate agent who knows the area in which you’re buying or selling. They can tell you about individual neighborhoods, as well as the pros and cons of them. But even more . . . they can help with the details, whether you have questions about property taxes, water rates, local schools, or even the availability of public transportation. . . . An agent who is familiar with the area can also help because they’ll have a network of other local professionals to refer you to for various issues. All of this together will make the process much more streamlined.”

So if an agent shows this kind of familiarity with your local market, you can be pretty certain that she is a knowledgeable agent.

Where to Find a Knowledgeable Effingham County and Savannah Real Estate Agent

There are a lot of things to consider when looking for a good agent to help you buy or sell your home. Each agent will have a different style and different marketing tools available to them, so it is important to get as much information as you can from each agent before making a decision.

But knowing the signs of a knowledgeable real estate agent is only part of the battle because you still have to find one. And vetting and selecting a good agent can be a time-consuming, labor-intensive job involving much research and a lot of interviews. But if you go straight to a premier agency known for experienced, knowledgeable agents, your job is much easier. We hope this article will help you ask the right questions of your agent, and I am always happy to answer your questions. If you’re looking for a knowledgeable real estate agent in Effingham County and Savannah, contact me today at (912) 695-6932.

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