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In this guide you’ll learn important tips which includes…

  • The fine line of preparing your home to sell just the right amount – not over doing it or under doing it
  • Looking at your house from the buyer’s perspective
  • “Depersonlize” your home – removing personal photos and decor that pertains to you and your family.
  • And much more…

We really appreciated Lisa because of her professionalism, her helpfulness in the process to make the sale of our property go smoothly, her integrity and honesty. She kept us well informed during the entire process. Any questions we posed, she was able to answer. She just made the process so easy because we could trust her to work on our behalf. I would recommend her to anyone who’s selling a property or seeking to purchase a property. I would give her ten (10) stars if it was possible.
Alice L.

Here’s what you need to prepare your home…

This guide shows how to declutter without getting overwhelmed with the task. It doesn’t mean to throw away your stuff but to prepare your house so the buyers can picture their own belongings in your house.

We got used to how our house smells. Best is to ask someone who doesn’t live with to do a “sniff” test. This is mostly important if you have pets.

Lightbulb Moments
Make sure all the light bulbs are in working order. Add lighting in rooms that don’t have windows to brighten it up.

Fix It or Forget It
It’s best to fix, paint and clean as much as you can without over doing it. For the other fixes, wait for the buyer if they mention anything during the home inspection.

Lisa Ortiz is the best real estate agent we’ve ever had! Her bright, friendly demeanor is refreshing and she is our “go to” to get our houses sold!
Kortney Kirsch

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