3 Top Design Trends to Help You Sell Your House Faster in Effingham County and Savannah

3 Top Design Trends to Help You Sell Your House Faster in Effingham County and Savannah

The way a home looks is one of the big draws. And how it looks is determined by the design—the colors, the furniture, the materials and the layout. With home ownership and home improvement being on the rise, anyone planning to sell a home would be well served by making an effort to incorporate at least some of what’s trending in design.

The appearance of your home can not only make it more appealing to potential buyers but also make it sell quicker and for more. The interior design features that help a house sell faster are those that resonate with buyers. When buyers see a design feature that they are wanting, it’s much easier for them to envision living in the home. With that in mind, we offer these 3 top design trends to help you sell your house faster in Effingham County and Savannah.

1. Go for a Contemporary Style and/or Minimalism

One of the top design trends that can help you sell your house faster in Effingham County and Savannah is a contemporary style. This is actually a design trend that is changing many local real estate markets.

The contemporary style “focuses more on showcasing the space rather than the things placed in that space. A contemporary style home will also require [buyers] to pay more attention to the color, space, and shape of [the] home.”

Here are some of the things you can do to achieve a contemporary style that will help you sell your house faster . . . 

  • Use cool shades. “Avoid using too many colors in your home as this can only make the space look and feel cluttered. Instead, you should use ones that highlight whites, creams, and beiges.”
  • Make sure surfaces are uncluttered. “You can only highlight the space of your home and achieve a contemporary design if it’s free from any type of clutter, so make sure that your home stays clean all the time.”
  • Install metallic lighting. “You can tie together your home’s contemporary style by using metallic lighting. Aside from being functional, this can become the focal point of any room in your house.”

A related design style that can help you sell your house faster is minimalism, which features an open floor plan and neutral colors. This is a simple design that allows “potential buyers to better envision themselves in the home, which can make a place sell faster.”

2. Incorporate Glass and Neutral Colors

You can also incorporate glass to help you sell your house faster. “Using glass all around your home will make your property look more sophisticated, allowing you to easily attract interested buyers.”

“One new trend that’s becoming more popular is incorporating glass into your home. Many people are choosing to use glass to create unique pieces of art and use these as decorations. The best way to incorporate glass into your home is to use clear, frosted, or tinted glass as these can make your home stand out among the rest of your neighbors.”

Another way to incorporate glass in the entry door. And if you have the budget for it, a glass skylight is a feature that buyers find highly attractive.

As we mentioned above, using neutral colors will help sell your house. “As a fool-proof solution, paint your home in neutral colors before putting it out for sale. Shades of tan and beige are great options as these can make your space look bigger and feel more open. Seeing neutral shades indoors will also make it very easy for homebuyers to envision themselves living in the house. You can also take it up a notch by making sure that the pieces of furniture inside your home also come in neutral colors. Following a monochromatic color scheme can make your home more relaxing as all of the design elements are tied together.”

To find exactly which colors work best in your market, contact a Effingham County and Savannah agent at (912) 695-6932.

3. Install a Kitchen Island 

Kitchen islands and quartz countertops are certainly one of the top design trends to help you sell your house faster. 

An island can add value and will enhance any cooking space. An island does several things, from “ giving your kitchen extra worktop space and additional seating to adding a multi-functional feel to the space.” 

In fact, “the kitchen island has become a must-have feature as a place for gathering, working, or entertaining. . . .  A striking kitchen island can be the centerpiece of a house, providing the versatility that suits busy lifestyles – nowadays an island can be the deciding factor on a purchase if the buyers do not want to absorb the time and cost of installing one.”

Get More Design Tips to Sell Your House

We hope you enjoyed our blog on 3 design trends that can sell your house. We know that you have a lot on your plate and sometimes real estate can be too much to handle on your own. The difficulty lies in the fact that the design trends that can help you sell vary from local market to local market. Your agent will know exactly what design features will appeal to buyers and work in your market. This is why I’m here to help! Give me a call at (912) 695-6932 anytime if you have any questions about the real estate market or my services. So when you sell your house faster in Effingham County and Savannah, be sure to contact me . Thank you for reading!

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